About Us


In 2003, real estate developer Jeff Bennett and expert builder Refik Radoncic forged a partnership and created R + B Development Group. Each brought with him decades of experience in the construction and development of real estate projects. But Bennett and Radoncic also brought together their respective passions for buildings and homes that marry exceptional style with the highest standards in construction. From the lofts of TriBeCa to the heights of Harlem, their diverse projects share one thing in common: extraordinary quality.

In his career as a Real Estate developer, Bennett has sought out projects on grand and demanding scales. But it is his attention to the details of a project’s environment the character of its neighborhood, the aesthetics of its surroundings and the culture of its community and his ability to seamlessly integrate new construction with existing architecture that have won him industry-wide accolades.

Bennett’s vision as a developer is perfectly matched with Radoncic’s unyielding commitment to excellence in construction, starting with a hand-picked team of craftsmen many of whom have worked with him for years. Under Radoncic’s careful direction, this family of artisans and engineering experts execute their work with a profound understanding of the link between quality of construction and quality of life for homeowners and hospitality clients.

Together, Bennett’s and Radoncic’s impassioned approach to real estate development and construction has fostered marked success and recognition for the company, with high-profile projects dotting the island of Manhattan and beyond.

The company’s diverse service offerings, their uniquely symbiotic development-construction approach, and their singular ability to meet critical deadlines while exceeding customer expectations is the cornerstone of the company’s foundation and the product of unparalleled dedication to their craft.